2020 Chilly Willy 150 – Day One – Results

TUCSON, AR: The Chilly Willy 150 officially kicked off on Friday, January the 24th. Here are the qualifying and feature race results, for the Super Late Model portion of the event, taking place at Tucson Speedway in Tucson, Arizona.

Qualifying Results

15Preston PeltierBrighton, CO4815.165
217Chris EgglestonThornton, CO22E15.399
315Dustin AshLas Vegas, NV1115.423
416Darrell J. StewartArvada, CO42S15.515
514Kody VanderwalLasalle, CO4315.553
64Mark NeffTucson, AZ42N15.566
727Kole RazLake Oswego, OR2115.570
826Brandon FarringtonTucson, AZ2515.579
924Bryce BezansonSnohomish, WA7B15.619
1012Paul BanghartTucson, AZ2215.674
118Eric HolmesBartlett, TN21H15.680
126Andy SoleQueen Creek, AZ20W15.730
1311Rudy VanderwalLasalle, CO3415.820
1419Brandon CarlsonVictoria, BC81C15.878
1518Vanessa RobinsonLas Cruces, NM1415.909
1622Clint HabartCranbrook, BC09H15.911
1721Dane JorgensonSierra Vista, AZ615.940
181Lance ElliottLaramie, WY42E15.984
1913Curtis LansingTucson, AZ2316.058
209Ron NormanTucson, AZ916.096
2128Trent PhillipsHemingford, NE516.122
223Dustin WaltersFortuna, CA10F16.130
232Stephen BlankenshipTenino, WA4716.159
2420Michael EgurolaTucson, AZ216.390
2529Brandon SchillingTucson, AZ20S16.625
2623Jeff HillockCedar Hills, UT36J16.660
2710Darrell MidgleySidney, BC81M17.422
2830John LashleyTucson, AZ5517.422
DNSLuke HallLudlow Falls, OH3617.422
DNSAustin ThomDundee, OR9317.422

A Feature One – 50 Laps

16Preston PeltierBrighton, CO48
25Dustin AshLas Vegas, NV11
31Paul BanghartTucson, AZ22
42Bryce BezansonSnohomish, WA7B
54Kody VanderwalLasalle, CO43
611Ron NormanTucson, AZ9
77Andy SoleQueen Creek, AZ20W
89Clint HabartCranbrook, BC09H
914Jeff HillockCedar Hills, UT36J
108Brandon CarlsonVictoria, BC81C
1110Lance ElliottLaramie, WY42E
123Kole RazLake Oswego, OR21
1313Michael EgurolaTucson, AZ2
1412Dustin WaltersFortuna, CA10F

A Feature Two – 50 Laps

14Mark NeffTucson, AZ42N
26Chris EgglestonThornton, CO22E
38Vanessa RobinsonLas Cruces, NM14
41Eric HolmesBartlett, TN21H
55Darrell J. StewartArvada, CO42S
63Brandon FarringtonTucson, AZ25
77Rudy VanderwalLasalle, CO34
89Dane JorgensonSierra Vista, AZ6
92Darrell MidgleySidney, BC81M
1012Stephen BlankenshipTenino, WA47
1113Brandon SchillingTucson, AZ20S
1210Curtis LansingTucson, AZ23
1311Trent PhillipsHemingford, NE5
1414John LashleyTucson, AZ55
For more information on The Chilly Willy 150 and Tucson Speedway in Tucson Arizona visit their website located at tucsonspeedway.com
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