SALEM, IN – 2018 ARCA/CRA Super Series Champion Josh Brock got his first ever JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour Presented by Chevrolet Performance win in Saturday night’s AERCO Heating and Cooling 100 Presented by at Anderson Speedway. The fast ¼ mile track proved how tough it can be with Brock taking the lead from former series winner Wes Griffith, Jr. just after the halfway point of the 100-lap feature and held on the final 46 laps through multiple yellows and several comers-and-goers behind him in front of a great crowd on the first night Indiana race fans were able to attend races in 2020.

“We worked hard on this car for the past two weeks, it was a Super last year and we converted it back over to a JEGS Tour car to run some of those races this year,” remarked Brock in victory lane. “I’m just really excited for my team to get this win, they all worked their butts off on this car and at this race, just like they do every week for me. When we first got here, we were not really that good, we just kept constantly working on the car to make it better. I had to really work and hold off several guys on those restarts, they were all tough!”

Griffith Jr. took the lead at the drop of the green flag from his pole starting position after Jerico Performance Parts Fast Qualifier Travis Braden drew nine for the events inverted start. Brandon Varney took the lead on lap two powering by Griffith Jr. on the outside after a tough side by side battle with Griffith Jr. from his outside pole starting position.

Griffith Jr. would take the lead back on a lap 32 restart and held it until Brock made his move for the lead on lap 54 when Griffith Jr.’s car started to fade. Brock would have to fight off several different competitors on several restarts over the last half of the gridding race, as the racing was furious through out the field the entire 100 laps with several racers going from the front to the back and back to the front. The win was Brock’s second CRA win at Anderson after getting the first of his three ARCA/CRA Super Series wins there in 2018. Brock earned the AR Bodies Cool Move of the Race Award for his pass to take the lead.

Two time series Champion Cody Coughlin got shuffled back in the field but then worked his way back to a second-place finish. Former series Anderson winner Steve Dorer came from his 10th place starting  position to finish in third and picked up a Hoosier Racing Tire Performance Award. Mason Keller finished in fourth with Brandon Oakley in fifth place. Braden finished in sixth. Zachary Tinkle came from his 16th place starting position to finish in seventh, earning the Senneker Performance Rookie of the Race Award and a Hoosier Racing Tire Performance Award.
The next JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour event will be on Saturday, July 4th at Jennerstown Speedway. More information on the JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour Presented by Chevrolet Performance is available at

Feature Results

1) 17 Josh Brock
2) 1 Cody Coughlin
3) 10 Steve Dorer
4) 29 Mason Keller
5) 22 Brandon Oakley
6) 26 Travis Braden
7) 53 Zachary Tinkle
8) 98 Jimmy Tucker
9) 23 Mandy Chick
10) 5T Rick Turner
11) 14 Carson Hocevar
12) 22K James Kirby
13) 18 Chase Burba
14) 01 James Krueger
15) 62 J.P. Crabtree
16) 41 Hunter Jack
17) 55 Charlie Keeven
18) 23V Eddie Van Meter
19) 33 Wes Griffin Jr.
20) 61 Brandon Varney
21) 11 Jaden Cretacci
22) 91 Dylan Bates
23) 88 Trever McCoy
24) 63 Cassten Everidge
25) 5 Will Sahutske

Qualifying Results

1) 26 Travis Braden 12.140***
2) 1 Cody Coughlin 12.171
3) 22 Brandon Oakley 12.181
4) 17 Josh Brock 12.204
5) 29 Mason Keller 12.215
6) 41 Hunter Jack 12.305
7) 14 Carson Hocevar 12.324
8) 61 Brandon Varney 12.333
9) 33 Wes Griffin Jr. 12.337
10) 10 Steve Dorer 12.393
11) 5t Rick Turner 12.408
12) 22k James Kirby 12.415
13) 18 Chase Burba 12.425
14) 23 Mandy Chick 12.446
15) 98 Jimmy Tucker 12.469
16) 53 Zachary Tinkle 12.477
17) 63 Cassten Everidge 12.483
18) 23v Eddie Van Meter 12.515
19) 55 Charlie Keeven 12.520
20) 91 Dylan Bates 12.580
21) 01 Jame Krueger 12.638
22) 11 Jaden Cretacci 12.687
23) 83 J.P. Crabtree 12.688
24) 88 Trever McCoy 12.712
25) 5 Will Sahutske 13.089

***New Anderson Speedway Track Record


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