Eddie Hoffman wins another Feature at Grundy County Speedway

MORRIS, IL – Grundy County Speedway officials have released the results of their Pro Late Model division’s 30 lap feature from Grundy County Speedway in Morris, Illinois.

Feature Results – 30 Laps

1) 8H Eddie Hoffman
2) 33Z Stan Zolodz
3) 52T Keith Tolf
4) 7S Paul Shafer
5) 28K Nathan Kelly
6) 64P Dean Patterson
7) 7G James Gregait
8) 88H Billy Hulbert Jr.
9) 88C Clay Curts
10) 33O Dan Odell
11) 36L Don Lindemulder
12) 53W Jake Weinrech
13) 55K Scott Koerner
14) 3C Alex Clubb

Fast Heat Race Results

1) 7G James Gregait
2) 64P Dean Patterson
3) 33Z Stan Zolodz
4) 8H Eddie Hoffman
5) 52T Keith Tolf
6) 7S Paul Shafer
7) 28K Nathan Kelly

Slow Heat Race Results

1) 55K Scott Koerner
2) 88C Clay Curts
3) 36L Don Lindemulder
4) 88H Billy Hulbert Jr.
5) 33O Dan Odell
6) 53W Jake Weinrech
7) 3C Alex Clubb

Qualifying Results

1) 8H Eddie Hoffman 15.538
2) 7S Paul Shafer 15.634
3) 33Z Stan Zolodz 15.638
4) 28K Nathan Kelly 15.648
5) 52T Keith Tolf 15.667
6) 64P Dean Patterson 15.775
7) 7G James Gregait 15.902
8) 88C Clay Curts 15.925
9) 88H Billy Hulbert Jr. 15.969
10) 55K Scott Koerner 15.974
11) 53W Jake Weinrech 16.235
12) 36L Don Lindemulder 16.330
13) 33O Dan Odell 16.363
14) 3C Alex Clubb 17.226

For more on Grundy County Speedway visit grundycountyspeedwayonline.com

Photo courtesy of Grundy County Speedway

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