WISCONSIN DELLS, WI – Ryan Farrell of Big Bend, WI took the lead from Andrew Morrissey of Deforest, WI with ten laps to go to capture his first Alive for 5 Series win in the Trickle 99 Presented by Ho-Chunk Gaming of Wisconsin Dells and the $4000 top prize at Dells Raceway Park on Saturday night.

Morrissey and Jonathan Eilen brought the 24 car field to green with Morrissey taking the lead from the start and after a early caution then field would tighten and Morrissey would choose the outside lane on the double file restart with Mike Lichtfeld on the point & Morrissey again would drive away from the field.

At the half way point of the race it was Morrissey continuing to lead with now fast qualifier Ryan Farrell inching ever closer followed by an impressive run by Jacob Goede of Carver MN in third with Casey Johnson in fourth & Lichtfeld now running in the fifth spot.

As the laps wound down & a late race caution on lap 77 would set the field for a double field shoot out to the end. Morrissey would again grab the lead with Farrell in tow & with ten to go Farrell made the move to get past Morrissey & capture the win, Morrissey would have to settle for second with Lichtfeld making his way back up to the third spot, Skylar Holzhausen made a late race charge to finish fourth and Casey Johnson would round out the top five.

In earlier action it was Ryan Farrell fastest in qualifying with a mark of 13.440 at 88.393mph, Dennis Prunty would win the odd qualifier, Skylar Holzhausen won the even qualifier. Andrew Morrissey won the odd fast dash to capture the pole for the event & Jonathan Eilen won the even fast dash to fill the front row for the feature. Wyatt Brooks captured the B-Main

Qualifying Results

1) 80F Ryan Farrell 13.440
2) 15S Gabe Sommers 13.456
3) 45B Rich Bickle 13.474
4) 119 Dalton Zehr 13.479
5) 44L Mike Lichtfeld 13.514
6) 22G M.G Gajewski 13.522
7) 99Z Jake Zellmer 13.546
8) 11K Bobby Kendall 13.548
9) 39M Andrew Morrissey 13.568
10) 5J Casey Johnson 13.575
11) 5T Travis Sauter 13.578
12) 72G Jacob Goede 13.591
13) 38D Jordan DeVoy 13.605
14) 77E Jonathan Eilen 13.606
15) 25S Jeff Storm 13.628
16) 51S Dennis Schmidt 13.635
17) 42P Dennis Prunty 13.640
18) 78H Skylar Holzhausen 13.641
19) 71E Mark Eswein 13.658
20) 8B Chad Butz 13.684
21) 34H Brandon Hill 13.705
22) 11P Alex Prunty 13.721
23) 44M Justin Mondeik 13.733
24) 2B Michael Bilderback 13.750
25) 52H Brock Heinrich 13.757
26) 25B Wyatt Brooks 13.792
27) 2T Jordan Thiel 13.847
28) 20H Kody Hubred 13.862
29) 40 Curt Tillman 13.941
30) 2GB Gregory Borchardt 13.974

Odd Qualifier Results

1) 42P Dennis Prunty
2) 71E Mark Eswein
3) 2T Jordan Thiel
4) 44M Justin Mondeik
5) 52H Brock Heinrich
6) 40 Curt Tillman
7) 34H Brandon Hill

Even Qualifier Results

1) 78H Skylar Holzhausen
2) 11P Alex Prunty
3) 8B Chad Butz
4) 2B Michael Bilderback
5) 25B Wyatt Brooks
6) 20H Kody Hubred
7) 2GB Gregory Borchardt

Odd Dash Results

1) 39M Andrew Morrissey
2) 44L Mike Lichtfeld
3) 80F Ryan Farrell
4) 38D Jordan DeVoy
5) 45B Rich Bickle
6) 25S Jeff Storm
7) 99Z Jake Zellmer
8) 5T Travis Sauter

Even Dash Results

1) 77E Jonathan Eilen
2) 72G Jacob Goede
3) 5J Casey Johnson
4) 22G M.G. Gajewski
5) 11K Bobby Kendall
6) 15S Gabe Sommers
7) 119 Dalton Zehr
8) 51S Dennis Schmidt

B-Main Results

1) 25B Wyatt Brooks
2) 52H Brock Heinrich
3) 2T Jordan Thiel
4) 20H Kody Hubred
5) 40 Curt Tillman
6) 2GB Gregory Borchardt

Feature Results

1) 80F Ryan Farrell
2) 39M Andrew Morrissey
3) 44L Mike Lichtfeld
4) 78H Skylar Holzhausen
5) 5J Casey Johnson
6) 72G Jacob Goede
7) 44M Justin Mondeik
8) 5T Travis Sauter
9) 38D Jordan DeVoy
10) 15S Gabe Sommers
11) 25S Jeff Storm
12) 119 Dalton Zehr
13) 11K Bobby Kendall
14) 77E Jonathan Eilen
15) 8B Chad Butz
16) 71E Mark Eswein
17) 22G M.G. Gajewski
18) 42P Dennis Prunty
19) 45B Rich Bickle
20) 51S Dennis Schmidt
21) 34H Brandon Hill
22) 11P Alex Prunty
23) 99Z Jake Zellmer
24) 2B Michael Bilderback

Dells Raceway Park Press Release and Photos

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