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LAS VEGAS, NV – Tanner Reif didn’t let his age get in the way of a NASCAR Pro Late Models victory. The 14-year-old took on a field of 12 experienced drivers and came away at the top.

“It’s a great car and great place, and I love racing here,” Reif said. “I have a fast car, and it’s a good way to take a break from the Super Lates. I’m going to do both Super Lates and Open Lates, and I’m going to be here for every race.”

Chris Clyne, the 2019 Super Late Models season champion, was the favorite to win the Pro Late race Saturday night after he gained the pole position. But early on Clyne had car trouble and finished sixth.

“At the beginning of the race (Chris) was doing really good and I knew it was going to be a good race,” Reif said. “But he spun out, and I don’t know what happened to him. He was definitely going to be the man to beat, and after he spun, I was pretty sure I had the race in the bag.”

Reif was 2.337 seconds faster than David Anderson and 2.465 ahead of Scott Gafforini – the all-time Bullring wins leader.

1. Tanner Reif; 2. David Anderson (-2.337 seconds); 3. Scott Gafforini (-2.465); 4. Kyle Keller (-2.847); 5. Andre Prescott (-3.736); 6. Chris Clyne (-4.589); 7. RJ Smotherman (-5.302); 8. Charlie Pike (-5.591); 9. Steve Anderson (-6.702); 10. Matt Frady (-9.677); 11. Dennis Rock Jr. (-12 laps); 12. Eric Martin (-28 laps); 13. Chris Bosley (-30 laps).

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Photo courtesy of Jason Wedehase for Reif Racing


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