Nick Murgic wins over Carlson at LaCrosse Speedway

WEST SALEM, MN – A picture perfect night brought out another huge crowd to the LaCrosse Speedway for more exciting and thrilling racing action. After finishing third two weeks ago and second last week, Nick Murgic captured his first feature win of the year to show us he can compete with Steve Carlson.

Justin Mullikin shot himself into the lead quickly at the start of the Kwik Trip 25 for the NASCAR Late Models. Mullikin was just as quickly overtaken by Brent Kirchner a lap later. Nick Murgic made his way from tenth starting spot up to third by lap seven. Murgic shot past Steve Bachman for second on lap nine, and began to close down on Kirchner.

After trying to go under Kirchner for the lead, Murgic moved to the high side. Murgic found his groove and powered past Kirchner for the lead on lap 12. As Murgic began to open up his advantage, Bachman would close up again on Kirchner. A few laps later they would be joined by Steve Carlson and Jacob Goede. While those four fought hard over the rest of the top five spots, Murgic maintained his lead and saw the checkered flag first.

After the race, Murgic said “I have to respect Kirchner for racing me hard and giving me the outside lane to get around him.”

Heat One Results

1) 14 Steve Bachman
2) 66 Steve Carlson
3) 23 Steve Schultz
4) 3 Chris Marek
5) 51 Justin Mullikin
6) 21b Adam Bendzick

Heat Two Results

1) 50 Mike Carlson
2) 25 Adam Oxborough
3) 14b Grant  Brown
4) 18W Jerimy Wagner
5) 99 Jeff Partington
6) 31 Ryan Varner

Heat Three Results

1) 19 Michael Hagger
2) 7T Don Turner
3) 02 Carter Christenson
4) 7B Don Turner
4) 9 Jes Tenner
5) 86 Jonathan Eckleberg
6) 25D Kenneth Donais
7) 77 Jimmy Summerfield

Feature Results

1) 12 Nick Murgic
2) 8 Brent Kirchner
3) 66 Steve Carlson
4) 72 Jacob Goede
5) 14 Steve Bachman
6) 3 Chris Marek
7) 62 John Heath
8) 99 Jeff Partington
9) 8M Billy  Mohn
10) 51 Justin Mullikin
11) 50 Mike Carlson
12) 18W Jerimy Wagner
13) 8C Nick Clements
14) 25 Adam Oxborough
15) 14b Grant Brown
16) 23 Steve Schultz
17) 31 Ryan Varner
18) 19 Michael Hagger
19) 02 Carter Christenson
20) 7T Don Turner
21) 25D Kenneth Donais
22) 86 Jonathan Eckleberg
23) 21b Adam Bendzick
24) 9 Jes Tenner
25) 77 Jimmy Summerfield

Photo courtesy of LaCrosse Speedway

LaCrosse Speedway Press Release – Story by Paul Reichert

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