CHARLESTOWN, NH – Ray Christian III kicked off the 2020 Independence Day weekend with his third GSPSS win in a row at Claremont Motorsports Park.

The Granite State Pro Stock Series took to the track for the second time of the season with an Independence Day celebration for the ages. Weekly racing, a massive fireworks display and 100 laps of pro stock action were on the card and non-disappointed.

Angelo Belsito looked to be the man to beat as he was quick in practice, fastest in the Crazy Horse Racing fast time challenge and handily won his heat race. It was an all Belsito kind of night until it came time for the GSPSS redraw. Eight drivers redrew and Belsito pulled the number 8.

Local favorite Luke Hinkley won heat race number two in dominant fashion and looked to have the car to finally pick up that illusive first series win. He would not fare a lot better in the redraw as he pulled pill number 5.

Two time series champion Mike O’Sullivan would start from the pole with another former champion, Barry Gray on the outside of row one. Winner of the last two series events, Christian III would start from the fourth position in his attempt to make it three in a row.

O’Sullivan rocketed to the lead at the drop of the green flag while Gray spun his tires and stacked up the outside line allowing Jake Matheson and Luke Hinkley to move past. Hinkley quickley moved past Matheson for second and and then took the lead from O’Sullivan.

Hinkley would lead the middle half of the race setting a torrid pace and running away from the field. He looked to have the car to beat as no one could match his pace.

A late race restart and hard racing would ruin the day for both Hinkley and Belsito who had worked his way to second and then the race lead. Contact between the two would result in Belsito spinning off turn two and Hinkley being sent to the rear for his involvement in the spin. Hinkley would battle back for a top ten finish while a gear oil leak was found on Belsito’s mount ending his night.

Joey “Pole” would hang on for second with defending series champion Joey Doiron battling an ill handling race car to third. Mike O’Sullivan would hang on to fourth while Cory Casagrande would start in tenth and quietly, methodically, work his way into the top five and finish fifth.

Second year driver Jake Matheson would hang on to finish sixth while Hinkley would battle back for seventh. Rookies Cody Leblanc and Casey Call would finish eighth and ninth with Ryan Lineham in tenth.

The next event for the series will will take place at the Hudson Speedway on Sunday July 12th. The tight quarter mile bullring in Hudson NH has become a series favorite and always provides for outstanding racing.

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Time Trial Results

1) 8B Angelo Belsito – 13.995
2) 31N Luke Hinkley – 14.059
3) 73 Joey Doiron – 14.082
4) 93C Ray Christian III – 14.097
5) 40 Mike Mitchell – 14.106
6) 97 Joey Polewarczyk – 14.157
7) 52N Jake Matheson – 14.180
8) 29 Barry Gray – 14.194
9) 08 Mike O’Sullivan – 14.224
10) 7CT Corey Casagrande – 14.250
11) 90N Casey Call – 14.265
12) 55 Cody LeBlanc – 14.279
13) 11 Bryon Baker – 14.328
14) 48 Ryan Lineham – 14.400
15) 8NH Guy Caron – 14.429
16) 12P Bobby Pelland – 14.533
17) 18 John Lowinski-Loh – 14.637
18) 88 Kevin Casper – 14.471

Heat One Results

1) 8B Angelo Belsito
2) 73 Joey Doiron
3) 08 Mike O’Sullivan
4) 52N Jake Matheson
5) 11 Bryon Baker
6) 90N Casey Call
7) 40 Mike Mitchell
8) 8NH Guy Caron
9) 18 John Lowinski-Loh

Heat Two Results

1) 31N Luke Hinkley
2) 93C Ray Christian III
3) 97 Joey Polewarczyk
4) 29 Barry Gray
5) 7CT Corey Casagrande
6) 48 Ryan Lineham
7) 55 Cody LeBlanc
8) 12P Bobby Pelland
9) 88 Kevin Casper

Feature Results

1) 93C Ray Christian III
2) 97 Joey Polewarczyk
3) 73 Joey Doiron
4) 08 Mike O’Sullivan
5) 7CT Corey Casagrande
6) 52N Jake Matheson
7) 31N Luke Hinkley
8) 55 Cody LeBlanc
9) 90N Casey Call
10) 48 Ryan Lineham
11) 29 Barry Gray
12) 88 Kevin Casper
13) 12P Bobby Pelland
14) 18 John Lowinski-Loh
15) 8B Angelo Belsito
16) 11 Bryon Baker
17) 40 Mike Mitchell
18) 8NH Guy Caron

Contingency Awards :

Sunoco Race Fuels heat race winners – 5 gallons of race fuel – 31nh Luke Hinkley, 8b Angelo Belsito

AR Bodies hard luck award – $100 product certificate – 40 Mike Mitchell

Crazy Horse Fast Time Challenge – 1st $125 -8b Angelo Belsito – 2nd $75 – 31nh Luke Hinkley – 3rd $50 – 73 Joey Doiron

Magnus Performance Parts – 7th place finisher $100 product certificate – 31nh Luke Hinkley

Matco Tools : product certificates – winner $75 – 93ct Ray Christian III – Random Draw $75 – to be drawn at the next event

Bassett Wheels – 3rd $50 product certificate – 73 Joey Doiron

VDL Fuel Systems – 5th $100 product certificate – 7ct Cory Casagrande

American Racer Hard Charger – one free tire – 55 Cody LeBlanc

Speed 51 leader at lap 51 – $51 – 31nh Luke Hinkley

Granite State Pro Stock Series Release

Photos courtesy of Tom Morris



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