PORTAGE, WI – Colin Reffner will be the first to admit that it has been rough sledding thus far in his 2020 TUNDRA Super Late Model Series season. However, this Saturday’s Bev Aschenbrenner Memorial presented by Incredible Bank and A&A Lock Service at Marshfield Motor Speedway presents a major opportunity to turn things around.

“It certainly has been a rough year so far in TUNDRA for us,” Reffner said. “If there’s any track to get headed back in the right direction at, it’s Marshfield.”

Reffer set fast time and was victorious when TUNDRA took part in the Bev Aschenbrenner Memorial in 2018.  He set fast time for last year’s event before mechanical issues put a damper on his day. The Bev race is one that he circles on his calendar each year, knowing it’s one where he will be watched closely by his fellow competitors. It’s also special to him because of the meaning of the event.

“Winning the Bev Aschenbrenner Memorial was pretty special,” Reffner said of the 2018 victory. “It was my first TUNDRA win and at the same time was a memorial race for someone who was such a great person that I had known since I started racing at Golden Sands Speedway when I was 12. Bev made delicious baked goods that I always looked forward to trying after the races.”

To have the event at Marshfield also acts as a boost for Reffner as he has turned plenty of laps at the half-mile.  Not one to stand on the sidelines, Reffner has already been preparing for this year’s event by attending other weekly races.

“Past experiences and successes always play a helpful role when going to a race track,” Reffner commented. “I’ve had the opportunity to race at MMS this season on the recap tires, so I hope to be able to apply some of the things we’ve learned to the upcoming race.”

The TUNDRA schedule has not been kind to Reffner with finishes of 15th at DRP, 21st at Jefferson, and a DNS at State Park. The sour luck has not shaken the focus of the team, however, as they’re prepared to return to form at Marshfield.

A rebound this weekend could spur a solid second half of the season for Reffner. He has shown great speed in past TUNDRA races at Golden Sands and Wisconsin International Raceway, including a few top five finishes over his last seasons.

“Both Plover and WIR are tracks that I really enjoy racing at. As long as we’re putting together a fast car in the shop, we should hopefully put together a strong run for the end of the season,” he said.

But for now, the focus is on trying to having another banner day in the Bev Aschenbrenner Memorial, perhaps with a third straight fast time, and a second win. It’s the focus of Reffner’s program leading up to Saturday’s race.

“For this weekend’s race I hope to have a car that I can compete for a win with,” Reffner stated simply. History would indicate there is a good chance that will be the case.

Reffner and his fellow TUNDRA Travelers roll into Marshfield Motor Speedway this Saturday for Round Four of Six in the 2020 season. Casey Johnson holds a 12-point lead over Justin Mondeik in the series standings. The team of Jordan Devoy and James Swan sits Third.

TUNDRA will be joined by the Midwest Dash Series and Upper Midwest Vintage Racing Series.  Qualifying is scheduled for 5:45 pm with racing on the slate for 7 pm.

Marshfield Motor Speedway is located at 10853 County Rd HH just outside of Marshfield, Wis. For more information visit http://www.marshfieldspeedway.com


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