MADERA, CA – The drivers from the streets of Bakersfield continue to dominate the season at Madera Speedway, with Buddy Shepherd and Seth Wise repeating for their second 2020 wins in the MAVTV-televised Late Model competition at the one-third mile oval. Shepherd, the two-time Nut Up Pro Late Model champion, recovered from bouncing off the wall to win the 80-lap contest.

“From the last time when he ran her two weeks ago, to today, Matt (Eshleman) has improved so much crew chiefing this thing. At the halfway it wasn’t too looking too good out there after getting into the wall,” Shepherd said. “This car is really good. I never thought I would be in a crate car. This season sure has been off to a strong start but we know it can go south really quick.”

Shepherd led time trials but it was four-time 2019 winner Jeremy Doss drawing the pole after the redraw. Loomis’ Michael Mitchell used a slide job to move past Blaine Rocha for second and brought Matt Erickson with him into third.
Shepherd started eighth and bounced off the backstretch wall but continued. The caution flew on lap 14 with John McCollum Jr. spinning in turn two. Doss restarted inside Mitchell, allowing Erickson to knife into second position.

2019 51FIFTY Jr. Late Model champion Joey Iest of Madera slid into the front stretch wall, sparking a multi-car crash that also ended the race for Hans Beeler. Iest was uninjured.
Erickson used the outside line to sweep past Doss for the lead on lap 18. Shepherd advanced quickly back through the pack to take fifth on lap 33. Doss hounded Erickson, before an incident for the lead in turn one. The contact sent Erickson spinning and relegated Doss to the rear as well.

With 16 laps to go to the break, car no. 16 assumed the lead with Mitchell at the point. The lead was short lived as Shepherd clamped down. Shepherd took over the top spot on lap 39. He led the final 11 laps into the lap 50 break for adjustments and MAVTV interviews.

Coming out of the break, Dylan Zampa moved inside Mitchell but Mitchell was able to drive off the outside to maintain second. Doss moved forward to fifth position after the restart while Ryan Philpott and Mitchell battled for third. Mitchell ended up getting freight trained back to eighth in the closing laps but all the battling was far behind Buddy Shepherd. Shepherd won by 2.396 seconds over Dylan Zampa, Philpott, Doss, and Rocha.

Seth Wise outfoxed 17 of the best drivers ages 10-16 years old for his third consecutive 51FIFTY Jr. Late Model Series victory. Wise made the decisive pass on lap 53 for the win and remains the only active driver in the division with a victory.

The opening lap took several attempts to get into the books. Brody Armtrout and Cody Kiemele collided for a caution in turn three after a three-wide attempt. On the restart, red flags flew when Kasey Kleyn ended up parked on top of Cassidy Hinds in turn one. Both were able to return to the race, however. Wise took the lead and ran side-by-side with Arizona’s Bradley Erickson for several laps.

Their side-by-side battle resumed coming out of the lap 40 break for MAVTV interviews and adjustments before Wise edged ahead. Jadan Walbridge used the outside groove to get around Kercie Jung for third, then Walbridge approached Erickson for second. The caution waved on lap 50 for Armtrout going around in turn four. On the restart, Erickson used the outside to take over the top spot. Wise fought back, using a slingshot maneuver out of turn two to retake the lead. Wise topped Erickson, Walbridge, Jung, and Cole Brown as the top-five finishers.

Jeffery Erickson won his second consecutive Bandolero race and Rebecca Dubie won her second straight Mini Cup main event as well in the Mini Cup vs. Bandoleros competition. Nathaniel Edwards overcame a spin to finish second in the Bandos ahead of Trenton Eurto.

Madera Speedway’s MAVTV-televised racing continues July 25th with round #1 of the Race 2B Drug Free Big3 for $5,000 to win for the Nut Up Pro Late Models. 51FIFTY Jr. Late Models and Mini Cups vs. Bandoleros will also be competing.

For information about Madera Speedway, visit The 2020 season would not be possible without the support of Nut Up Industries, 51FIFTY LTM, Race 2B Drug Free, Competition Carburetion, Hoosier Tires, and Sunoco Race Fuel.

Madera Speedway Press Release – Story by Steve Blakesley
Photo courtesy of Jason Wedehase

Pro Late Model – Feature Results

1) 81 Buddy Shepherd
2) 75 D Jeremy Doss
3) 42 Matt Erickson
4) 16 M Michael Mitchell
5) 88i Joey Iest
6) 92Z Dylan Zampa
7) 92L Logan Zampa
8) 98R Blaine Rocha
9) 90S Ross Strmiska
10) 52 Ryan Phillpott
11) 11H Austin Herzog
12) 98 Glen Cook
13) 5S Pete Soto
14) 89 Shelden Cooper
15) 12J Jay Juleson
16) 6 Mike  Beeler
17) 2 Hans Beeler
18) 77 Rick  Thompson
19) 40 John McCullum Jr.

Pro Late Model – Qualifying Results

1) 81 Buddy Shepherd 14.994
2) 75D Jeremy Doss 15.076
3) 98R Blaine Rocha 15.085
4) 90S Ross Strmiska 15.184
5) 52 Ryan Phillpott 15.200
6) 11H Austin Herzog 15.206
7) 92Z Dylan Zampa 15.293
8) 42 Matt Erickson 15.243
9) 16M Michael Mitchell 15.250
10) 92L Logan Zampa 15.293
11) 88i Joey Iest 15.310
12) 98 Glen Cook 15.449
13) 6 Mike Beeler 15.479
14) 89 Shelden Cooper 15.593
15) 77 Rick Thompson 15.606
16) 12J Jay Juleson 15.607
17) 2 Hans Beeler 15.671
18) 40 John McCullum Jr. 15.865
19) 5S Pete Soto 15.955

Junior Late Model – Feature Results

1) 87 Seth Wise
2) 22 Bradley Erickson
3) 07 W Jadan Walbridge
4) 17 Kercie Jung
5) 04B Cole Brown
6) 71 Jake Bollman
7) 48K Cody Kiemele
8) 07 Kale McClenny
9) 88H Cassidy Hinds
10) 17C Holly Clark
11) 19 Brody Armtrout
12) 12K Kyle Keller
13) 7 Kenna Mitchell
14) K1 Kasey Kleyn
15) 1 K Robbie Kennealy
16) 05 Kabe McClenny
17) 78 Brody Moore

Junior Late Model – Qualifying Results

1) 22 Bradley Erickson 15.124
2) 07W Jadan Walbridge 15.248
3) 87 Seth Wise 15.318
4) 17 Kercie Jung 15.374
5) 19 Brody Armtrout 15.378
6) 04B Cole Brown 15.447
7) 17C Holly Clark 15.461
8) 71 Jake Bollman 15.480
9) 78 Brody Moore 15.504
10) 05 Kabe McClenny 15.524
11) 12K Kyle Keller 15.592
12) 07 Kale McClenny 15.629
13) 88H Cassidy Hinds 15.667
14) K1 Kasey Kleyn 15.745
15) 1K Robbie Kennealy 16.628
16) 7 Kenna Mitchell 16.402
17) 48K Cody Kiemele 15.424

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