KAUKAUNA, WI – Brent Strelka snuck past Darboy’s Sawyer Effertz with ten laps remaining and cruised to victory in the “Red Race” at Wisconsin International Raceway in Kaukauna Thursday night.

With one circuit in the books a caution flew when opening night winner and defending track champion Casey Johnson checked up to avoid Chat Butz who checked up. Butz was charged with the yellow and when racing resumed polesitter Effertz regained his lead. With five laps in Andy Monday and Alex Stumpf broke through traffic and stuck to Effertz like glue. A few laps later Jesse Oudenhoven and fast qualifier Bobby Kendall joined the fray and a five car scrum ensured for the top spot.

Oudenhoven struck first, motoring around Stumpf for third on lap 10 and began pressuring Monday for second. The trio ran nose-to-tail for the next several laps, with Effertz thwarting off their challenges. At the event’s halfway point Kendall slipped underneath Oudenhoven to snatch third. One circuit later an amber flew when Randy Schuler looped his mount in turn four.

On the restart Monday wrestled the lead away from Effertz and Oudenhoven. Monday’s lead was short lived as a multi-car melee took place in turn three. The cars involved included Trevor Vandermolen, Corey Manders, Chad Butz, Jeff Van Oudenhoven, Curt Tillman and Mickey Schallie. After the debris was cleaned up racing resumed and Strelka muscled his way past Effertz for the lead on the restart. The Freedom racer kept Effertz and all other challengers at bay to capture the win. Effertz took second at the line, followed by Kendall, Johnson and Butz.

For the second straight week the amount of carnage in the super late models was evident as just 10 of the 21 cars that started the 36 lap feature were running at the finish.

Qualifying Results:

1) #11K Bobby Kendall
2) #47J Casey Johnson
3) #1J Jesse Oudenhoven
4) #8B Chad Butz
5) #66S Alex Stumpf
6) #10M Andy Monday
7) #52 Brent Strelka
8) #72S Randy Schuler
9) #45V Jeff Vanoudenhoven
10) #9C Mickey Schallie
11) #2E Sawyer Effertz
12) #2B Lowell Bennett
13) #17G Grant Griesbach
14) #47G Eugene Gregorich
15) #28 Corey Manders
16) #17Y Robert Younger
16) #36G Tom Gee
17) #50 Mike Anthony
18) #30V Pete Vandermolen Jr.
19) #74 Brady Baldry
20) #36 Tim Springstroh
21) #17M Mike Meyerhofer
22) #40 Kurt Tillman
23) #33V Trevor Vandermolen
24) #93M Andrew Morrissey
25) #36S Tim Springstroh

Feature Results:

1) #52 Brent Strelka
2) #2E Sawyer Effertz
3) #11K Bobby Kendall
4) #47J Casey Johnson
5) #8B Chad Butz
6) #66S Alex Stumpf
7) #10M Andy Monday
8) #1J Jesse Oudenhoven
9) #17G Grant Griesbach
10) #30V Pete Vandermolen Jr.
11) #9C Mickey Schallie
12) #45B Jeff Van Oudenhoven
13) #2B Lowell Bennett
14) #28 Cory Manders
15) #40 Curt Tillman
16) #50 Trevor Vandermolen
17) #72S Randy Schuler
18) #30V Mike Meyerhofer
19) #74 Brady Baldry
20) #93M Andrew Morrisey
21) #50 Michael Anthony
22) #47G Eugene Gregorich Jr. (DNS)
23) #36G Tom Gee (DNS)
24) #36S Tim Springstroh (DNS)

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