Cody Coughlin Overcomes Drought at Anderson Speedway

Photos courtesy of Aerial Dimensions

ANDERSON, IN  –  For the first time since the World Stock Car Festival in 2016, Cody Coughlin found victory lane during the Mitch Smith Auto Service 125 at Anderson Speedway on Saturday night.


The former champ made the winning pass on lap seventy-seven, to get by Scotty Tomasik and then lead the remaining forty-eight laps. While enduring challenges, from his opponents on numerous restarts, to claim the checkered flag in the ARCA/CRA Super Series event.


The story of the night, throughout the one-hunded and twenty-five lap event, was the use of the front bumper. As several drivers found their way under the left rear of the opposing drivers. In an attempt to gain an edge over their competition while circling the high-banked quarter-mile bull ring.


Coughlin started eighth, in the tight eighteen car field, and found himself in the top five by lap twenty-six. Eventually finding his way into the second position, after Travis Braden suffered a broken sway bar, on lap sixty-eight. The Deleware, Ohio driver then proceeded to fend off the rest of the field, on multiple restarts during the remaining laps, to cross the stripe p1.

Story by: Daniel Shaw

Photo Credit: Aerial Dimensions

Aerial Dimensions – Event Gallery: ARCA/CRA Super Series at Anderson Speedway – June 20

Qualifying Results

1) 5J Casey Johnson 12.107
2) 35 Greg Van Alst 12.195
3) 41 Hunter Jack 12.197
4) 17 Josh Brock 12.216
5) 12 Dan Leeck 12.217
6) 4 Scottie Tomasik 12.224
7) 26 Travis Braden 12.227
8) 1 Cody Coughlin 12.251
9) 5 Dalton Armstrong 12.271
10) 131 Kyle Crump 12.276
11) 29 Mason Keller 12.295
12) 0 Austin Kunert 12.335
13) 45 Michael Simko 12.344
14) 6 Logan Runyon 12.394
15) 63 Cassten Everidge
16) 28 Jeff Marcum 12.473
17) 62 Jaren Crabtree 12.696
18) 6X Ryan Isaacs 12.977

Feature Results

1) 1 Cody Coughlin
2) 29Mason Keller
3) 5 Dalton Armstrong
4) 5J Casey Johnson
5) 131 Kyle Crump
6) 35 Greg Van Alst
7) 17 Josh Brock
8) 12 Dan Leeck
9) 28 Jeff Marcum
10) 6X Ryan Issacs
11) 63 Cassten Everidge
12) 62 Jaren Crabtree
13) 45 Michael Simko
14) 4 Scotty Tomasik
15) 6 Logan Runyon
16) 26 Travis Braden
17) 41 Hunter Jack
18) 0 Austin Kunert

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