MADERA, CA – The Madera Speedway has been the scene for many photo finishes and throwdown last laps in the MAVTV-televised Nut Up Pro Late Models and 51FIFTY Jr. Late Model Series, but on June 20th fans watching on Short Track TV were treated to another barn burner finish in the tune up club race.

The June 20th club race was held in accordance with current state, county, and local health guidelines. Race fans cannot attend these events at this time, but Madera Speedway is has invested heavily into a high-quality live stream production that is free for our fans to enjoy.

Fans from all over the country tuned into Short Track TV to watch the June 20th club race and what they witnessed felt more like a heavy weight title fight than a tune up race from the 20 car field of late model drivers. Jeremy Doss started on the pole but it became very clear this would be no walk in the park as Joey Iest, Thomas Martin, Matt Erickson, Michael Mitchell, Austin Herzog and Matthew Went all had a trip to victory lane on their minds.

Doss was shuffled back to fourth at one point and it appeared as though Herzog took control of the race but after a long run Herzog fell back into the clutches of Iest and Mitchell inducing a three wide battle through turns three and four that ended with Erickson spinning in turn one bringing out a caution.

After the restart Herzog could not hold off Doss and Iest and it was not long before that fight for the win was between Iest and Doss that engaged in a battle for the lead that lasted all the way to the white flag where Iest got under Doss going into turn three heading for the checkers but a caution came out ending the race with a yellow/checkered giving Doss the win by a nose.

Erickson was flying back through the field with what looked to be a winning race car and it was he and Martin that were engaged in a throwdown for third place battle that caused the caution after the white flag came out with Martin spinning off turn four.

Doss picked up the win and also received a $250 bonus from Competition Carburetion plus the $50 fast lap bonus, followed by Iest and Erickson. Lily Mead finished 7th and picked up a $250 bonus from Competition Carburetion for being the biggest mover gaining the most positions in the race.

Fans can watch the June 20th race that is posted at Short Track TV. Here is the link

The Nut Up Pro Late Models and 51FIFTY Jr. Late Models will open their nine-race campaign on June 27th, and will be followed by a new date for round two on July 11th. The events will be streamed live to Short Track TV on YouTube as we are filming the MAVTV production, free of charge thanks to Nut Up Industries.

For information about Madera Speedway, visit The 2020 season would not be possible without the support of Nut Up Industries, 51FIFTY LTM, Race 2B Drug Free, Competition Carburetion, Hoosier Tires, and Sunoco Race Fuel.

Madera Speedway Press Release

Photo courtesy of Jason Wedehase

Qualifying Results

1) 75D Jeremy Doss 14.890
2) 9 Thomas Martin 15.071
3) 88L Joey Iest 15.193
4) 16M Micheal Mitchell 15.218
5) 58 Matt Erickson 15.257
6) 11H Austin Herzog 15.271
7) 44 Mike Shapiro 15.399
8) 91 Jesse Burks 15.456
9) 48 Calvin Hegje 15.483
10) 1 Matthew Wendt 15.537
11) 12K Kyle Keller 15.556
12) 19 Brody Armtrout 15.569
13) 96 Loren Kutz 15.574
14) 75M Matt Kutz 15.699
15) 26 Del McIntosh 15.707
16) 4 Thomas Suarez 15.725
17) 42 Matt Erickson
17) 23 Joey Brasil 15.750
18) 16 Lily Mead 15.823
19) 21 Jon Schlundt 16.146
20) 55 Kent Cam 16.169

Heat One Results

1) 75D Jeremy Doss
2) 58 Matt Erickson
3) 48 Calvin Hegje
4) 23 Joey Brasil
5) 96 Loren Kutz

Heat Two Results

1) 9 Thomas Martin
2) 11H Austin Herzog
3) 1 Matthew Wendt
4) 75M Matt Kutz
5) 16 Lily Mead

Heat Three Results

1) 88L Joey Iest
2) 44 Mike Shapiro
3) 12K Kyle Keller
4) 26 Del McIntosh
5) 21 Jon Schlundt

Feature Results

1) 75D Jeremy Doss
2) 88L Joey Iest
3) 58 Matt Erickson
4) 16M Micheal Mitchell
5) 11H Austin Herzog
6) 1 Matthew Wendt
7) 16 Lily Mead
8) 23 Joey Brasil
9) 75M Matt Kutz
10) 21 Jon Schlundt
11) 12K Kyle Keller
12) 9 Thomas Martin
13) 55 Kent Cam
14) 26 Del McIntosh
15) 48 Calvin Hegje
16) 19 Brody Armtrout
17) 44 Mike Shapiro
18) 96 Loren Kutz
19) 4 Thomas Suarez
20) 91 Jesse Burks


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