BAKERSFIELD, CA – The Sixth Annual Winter Showdown at Kern County Raceway will offer a unique payout structure to ensure a great payoff for both the fans and the drivers.

“It’s pretty straight forward, the Winter Showdown is a 200-lap race and there will be a payout awarded at the half-way point of the race at lap 100.  The same payout will be awarded again on lap 200 at the finish,” stated the SRL’s Brian Olsen.  “It’s one race, 200 laps with championship points awarded based on the finish.  The purse structure will ensure the racing will be competitive throughout the first 100 laps, and for sure the second 100 laps to the finish.”

It’s not a segment race as the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series utilized occasionally during the 2019 season.   It’s 200 laps, but there’s a built-in incentive to race hard the first 100 laps.  At the half-time break, teams will be able to put on four new Hoosier Tires, refuel and make adjustments.

“We don’t like gimmicks when it comes to prize money.  However, we do like incentives to keep the racing interesting throughout the race, so we think we’ve come up with a pretty cool payout structure for the Winter Showdown,” added the SRL’s Larry Collins.

Celebrating its “20th Season”, the SPEARS (SRL) Southwest Tour Series has a record-breaking season set for 2020.  With the season-opening All-Star Showdown already in the books, with Derek Thorn cashing in with a $25,000 win, there will be a record-breaking cash payout for the remainder of the year.  Each race will offer up a minimum $10,000 to the winner for the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series in 2020.

The Sixth Annual Winter Showdown is coming up on Saturday, March 21st at Bakersfield’s Kern County Raceway.  The event will feature the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series, the Spears Manufacturing Modified Series, and the NASCAR Super Stocks.

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